We all have important values and ideas, things we care about and want to share. Sometimes we feel our ideas can even change the world, and we want to let other people know how they can join in and make all our lives better.

This site will present our organization's cause or ideas to the world. As communicating isn't always easy, we'll try to include photos and images that convey our message (remember, a well-chosen picture is a great way to get a point across).
In December 2009 we again were delighted with a fine celebration and feast in honor of installation of the newest team of Lodge officers. Top on the menu was Choice Prime Rib roast as prepared by the Brothers of Lodge 319. 50 pounds of rare beef was dispensed as were the potluck sides of steamed delectable mixed veggies and various stlyles of taters. No one left the lodge hungry. The year was tough with the economy and all but the Lodge is strong and flourishing with the help of many fine brothers. We hope and expect to further grow our ranks as well as our reach into the community and beyond. See other pages throughout this website for the newest listing of officers as well as photos of the installation and superb meal that followed.

On another note the brothers of Lodge #319 are working on assembling a formal team to perform the second section of the MM degree. We have several parts still available for you to declare as your own.
Soon enough we'll also include specific information about our organization and its members, so no one forgets the people behind the pictures.

On this home page, we'll introduce our cause or message. We'll also try to include a picture or two that represents the kind of work we do as Master Masons.

Below is an image of a collage we have created drawing upon various Masonic elements which we believe expresses ourselves in a cryptic sort of way. We are pondering producing these as a T-Shirt for sale to our member's and the General public. Additionally, we could even customize this image to reflect other Lodge's names as well. Please let us know what you think

In the artist's rendition below is a project the South Lyon Lodge has been working on to honor the memory of our fallen heroes in uniform. It is a concept image of the South Lyon Veterans' Memorial improvements to be made. what you see is a visual representation of "The Four Freedoms" Speech by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt on January 6th 1941, 11 months before Pearl Harbor.

Following is an interesting brief written by our very own Worshipful Master and brother, Justin Sutton. He titles it.......... "Masonry Today"

Greetings Brothers of South Lyon Lodge #319! I have been invited to create an article for the Lyon’s Paw by our Treasurer Brother Jon Shelden who has breathed new life into the Lyon’s Paw.

It has been a wonderful journey in these few years since I was raised in 2003, I have had the honor as being appointed Chaplain of our Lodge right after I was raised and have continued in this office since that time. I have also had the honor being admitted to the Scottish Rite and the York Rite Masonic Bodies, and just last month, I was inducted as Chaplain of Pinckney Chapter #145 Order of Eastern Star. Since my Grandmother was an Eastern Star, I feel exceptionally fulfilled. I have continued to be amazed by the great teachings of the Masonry, far beyond what I had ever conceived, and I look forward to being able to pass on the traditions to those to come after me, as I thank you and those that came before me to keep our Lodge open.

I did not realize how quickly and how often I would be called upon to perform my duties as the Chaplain including the invocation of prayer at the Memorial Day parade ceremonies at the Civil War memorial. In performing those duties I was inspired by all of the great lessons of Masonry and the chance discovery of a great artist named Dr. Walter Russell to design a new Veteran’s Memorial for South Lyon.

Since I proposed this in Lodge a few years ago, we have long been in contemplation on how to fund its construction. In preparation of this we have had some un-official conversations with city officials to begin to plan a site on the existing grounds of the city cemetery. Some time in the next three or four months, we should have official proceedings with the city to begin building.

For additional information about the memorial, please visit the following website:Click here to re-direct to the South Lyon Veteran's Memorial website

Mission Statement

We meet on the level as Master masons plumb and upright as a man squaring our actions.

The Plumb admonishes us to walk uprightly in our several stations, to hold the scales of justice in equal poise, to observe the just distinction between intemperance and pleasure and to make our passions and prejudices coincide with the line of our duty.
Anybody know what this is a depiction of ??

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